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We are a small shop in central Florida that specializes in high quality custom ranger belts at affordable prices. We also make leather Velcro uniform belts for the work professional. All of our products are handmade right here in the U.S.A.


Concealed Carry Companion "Triple C"

Concealed carry belt.

  "Triple C" Black

 "Triple C" Black

Bikini Holster Close Up

Bikini Holster Close Up

My Concealed Carry Companion or "Triple C"  is a belt built for the person who legally carries a concealed firearm in his or her state. The belt is made out of our 1-1/2 inch bridal leather and comes in either black or dark brown. The belt is designed with a built in bikini holster to allow the concealed carry of numerous different sizes of firearms. This allows the owner to be able to carry whichever firearm he chooses without having to buy a specific holster. This belt has been tested with firearms as small as a 25 caliber Bauer up to a full size Glock 45 using the same belt with built in bikini holster.

What makes this belt unique is that the bikini holster is so low profile it can be used as a normal belt when not being used for concealed carry.  Imagine being able to go to work all day at your job with what looks like a regular belt. When you get off and leave work you can un-tuck your shirt, loosen the belt one notch and slip your firearm into the holster. No need to hassle with taking off a belt and fumbling with a holster then putting your belt back on. The "Triple C" makes it an easy and discrete change.

But how does this concept work you ask? How can a belt with a built in holster that fits any size firearm work? Simple, the "Triple C" is built at least one size bigger than your normal belt size. This allows the inside loop or bikini part to adjust. To wear as a normal belt you tighten to the notch that is your normal belt size or what you are comfortable wearing. To use as a holster you loosen the belt, usually one notch bigger, to allow your firearm to fit snugly through the holster loop or bikini. The thickness of the pistol takes up the slack you just created in the belt making the belt tight again hugging your firearm close to you. This makes the firearm a lower profile making it easier to conceal under a shirt. If your firearm seems loose, as in the case of some small 22's or 25 calibers, just tighten the belt a notch to make it snugger. 

But how does it feel? In one word comfortable. The "Triple C" is designed with the bikini loop placed in the FBI's preferred "kidney position" for concealed carry. This places your firearm in what I call the fat part of your back over your right rear pocket if you are right handed or left rear if you are left handed. This allows the firearm to hug close into the fleshy part of the back reducing the profile and allowing better conceal ability.  In fact if there is a draw back to this belt it is how much more comfortable it feels compared to other holsters. In fact you may forget you are toting. So be careful!

Prices for the "Triple C" will start at $49.99 plus shipping. Other features will be added latter such as basket weave embossing for $10 more. Right now I am working on the products page adding the "Triple C" and options. If you do not see these belts in the product page on your visit please feel free to contact me. Our contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" page.